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Behind the Scenes Elephant Experience

Behind the Scenes Elephant Experience
Behind the Scenes Elephant Experience
Behind the Scenes Elephant Experience
Behind the Scenes Elephant Experience
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Elephant Experience - Exclusive to Well Wicked!

Well Wicked are pleased to announce that they can exclusively offer their customers this amazing elephant feeding experience at Colchester Zoo. You will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Elephant Kingdom enclosure to meet the elephants and to find out all about them from their dedicated keepers.

The experience will last approximately 40 minutes and includes admission into this fabulous zoo for the participant. During your experience you will have your own private elephant feeding time alongside the elephant keeper who will be on hand throughout the entire experience to answer any questions that you may have. Don't forget this experience is exclusive to Well Wicked so you won't find it anywhere else!

Elephant Kingdom is one of Colchester Zoo’s most impressive enclosures and is at the forefront of modern zoo design. The unique concept of the design allows all the elephants maximum sight, sound and physical contact and has specially designed night stalls, a roped off “safe area” and spacious indoor bull elephant quarters.

On fine days, you will normally see the elephants in their large outdoor paddocks. Some days the bull, Tembo, will be alone in his paddock as he is reaching an age where the females would normally oust him from the herd and he would begin to lead a naturally solitary life. They feel at Colchester Zoo that whilst they are still able to handle and separate him safely when necessary, they can allow him the company of a one or two of the females each day. Tembo is quite easily recognised. He is the largest of all our elephants at the zoo, he also has a much stockier build, thicker tusks and a very smooth rounded forehead in comparison to the three females. Tembo came to Colchester Zoo after being rescued from Chipperfields Circus in 1998. All of the elephants get on well. Tanya is the matriarch of the herd, which makes her the dominant female. She can be distinguished by the smooth outer edge to her ears, she is also right tusked. Tanya was the first female to breed at Colchester Zoo. She was born around 1981 and came to the zoo in 1985.

Over the last 10 years Tembo has fathered four young, two at Colchester Zoo (Kito and Jambo) and two at other zoos. Kito was the first calf to be born at Colchester Zoo on the 6th December, 2002 to Tembo and to mum Tanya. He was the first elephant in the world to be successfully conceived by Artificial Insemination on the first attempt.

All the elephants at Colchester Zoo are part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme EEP.

All of our gift experiences are presented in an attractive red case with "Congratulations - you are the lucky recipient of a Well Wicked experience day" written on the front. You will also get a DVD featuring many of our experiences. Experience vouchers can be personalised if required.


This animal experience will last approx 40 minutes but you are free to spend the whole day at this amazing zoo.


This elephant feeding experience takes place at Colchester Zoo in Essex.


This experience is available on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays throughout the year with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Experience starts at 10am.


Minimum age is 15 years old. Due to the power and strength of these animals, other than the feeding part of this experience no other physical contact is possible.


The price includes admission for the participant only. Other guests are welcome to join you at the zoo and will pay normal admission prices on the day. Guests will have no involvement in the experience.

Disabled Access/Facilities

We are very happy to tailor the content of this experience to accommodate any additional needs that the customer may have - please contact us if you are in any doubt.

Please be aware that Colchester Zoo is very hilly and this may be an issue for some guests, however there is an easier route around the zoo which is recommended for wheelchair users. There are ample disabled toilets, disabled parking spaces, manual wheelchairs for hire and audio information for the visually impaired. All displays/keeper talks are accessible by wheelchair with space available at the front of the tiered seating. You will need to advise when booking if your experience needs to be varied to accommodate a disability.

Other Details

Please wear clothes suitable for working with the animals and for all weathers. Walking boots or wellingtons are ideal. If circumstances dictate, such as bad weather or a particular animal being unwell, it may be necessary to change your activities at very short or no notice. The zoo will, however, always do their best to offer an alternative. This experience is not available for pregnant women, and is not suitable for those allergic to dust, animal fur or bedding.

You will receive a souvenir pack and a presentation certificate! The price includes a complimentary ticket to this fantastic zoo.

Please note, once your date has been booked and confirmed by Colchester Zoo if you need to change this date you will incur a fee.


Review 9th July 2011
Everything was great. My mum had the best day, she loved every minute of the experience and she wants to go again.
Thanks for a wonderful experience. Tia - West Yorkshire

Review 17th December 2011
The experience was perfect, the zoo is lovely and the animals are so well cared for. The keeper was friendly, helpful and informative and I loved every moment of it! The text the day before was a very nice touch!

WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE! Thanks again Robyn - Hertfordshire

Review 4th January 2012
Perfect experience day for my partners birthday! We both had a great time, the experience itself was spot on, EXACTLY what I wanted! Keeper was great and really made the experience special for us.

We both want to do it again now! Regards Tom - Kent

Review 12th May 2012
My elephant experience at Colchester Zoo was fantastic !!! I can not praise the staff enough, the elephant keeper was friendly, knowledgeable and as for feeding the elephant what can I say a lifelong wish fulfilled !!!! Everything went smoothly from the moment my daughter rang yourselves she said you were more than helpful, the pack arriving and then getting to zoo and everything was waiting for us !! Colchester Zoo was fantastic can't believe never heard of it before but will definitely be going back wonderful animals, helpful staff and a lovely well set out and clean place !!!

This experience was brought for my 60th birthday and it totally was a dream come true so thank you so much for your help I will not hesitate in recommending yourselves and Colchester Zoo to many others !!!

Once again I can not fault anything and myself and family had a fantastic day on Saturday so thank you again. My daughter says she will be in touch next year as it's her husband 40th and she will be after a car/racing experience !!

 Kind Regards, Liz - West Sussex 

Review 14th December 2012
Would just like to say how much we enjoyed the day at Colchester Zoo last Thursday!
My wife, Diane thought the elephant feeding experience and the informative guidance provided by Claire the elephant keeper was a most wonderful way to celebrate her birthday.
Many Thanks, Barry - Sussex

Review 1st March 2013
My friend Leigh attended your elephant experience and she asked me to let you know how it went.

She said it was a fantastic day, first of all due to Well Wicked she knew nothing about it as her husband did it as a surprise and Well Wicked communicated through a friend so the secret was kept.

On meeting the elephant keeper he was so kind and so informative, she was allowed to feed the elephant and got to know the elephants history. She got sprayed so many times it was funny!

The keeper got the elephant to put their trunks up and it was amazing, I would advise anyone who has had a childhood dream to meet elephants to go like her, it was her 40th present!!!

 Thank you all so much, Regards, Mandy - Lincolnshire

Review 12th August 2013
The whole experience was excellent. Colchester Zoo looked after us and the actual experience was interesting, interactive and totally enjoyable. Many Thanks, Steve - London

Review 29th December 2013
My boyfriend sent me on an Elephant Experience yesterday. I had a brilliant time it was, for me, a dream come true and I would recommend it to anyone. A great day out not forgotten. Thank you for making this happen! Karen - Wolverhampton 

Review 27th March 2014
Brought this experience for my boyfriend for Valentines Day and was so impressed when the literature came through the post. I contacted the zoo to book the date, and well, what can I say about the experience, other than it was out of this world! Would HIGHLY recommend!!!!!! Charlotte - Essex

Review 20th September 2014
We went on the elephant experience at Colchester zoo on Thursday 5th June and just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic treat and a wonderful day. The elephant keeper 'Ben' met us on arrival and couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. The whole experience was brilliant, a once in a lifetime opportunity and being in such close contact with, and having the chance to hand feed the elephant was something that we will never forget.Would recommend this experience to anyone. Brilliant!! Paul - Bristol

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