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Treat your friends or family with an unforgettable gift at one of our fantastic ultimate driving experience days. We strive to provide memorable experience days and as one of the leading providers in the UK, we ensure that your track driving experience day is action packed and enjoyable.

Mitsubishi Super-Car Experience

Mitsubishi Super-Car Experience
Mitsubishi Super-Car Experience
Mitsubishi Super-Car Experience
Mitsubishi Super-Car Experience
Mitsubishi Super-Car Experience
Mitsubishi Super-Car Experience
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Mitsubishi Rally Driving Experience

This fantastic Mitsubishi Super-Car Experience is the introductory course for those who would like to experience the ultimate in power, traction, acceleration and braking. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a four-wheel drive turbo charged full group N rally car capable of 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. The course gives the driver the chance to learn techniques pertinent to a four-wheel drive rally car and develop the necessary skills to get the best out of the remarkable Lancer Mitsubishi Evo.

This course teaches you the basic techniques such as lift of over-steer and power slides. Each participant has 3 sessions of 15 minutes in-car.

Session 1 - Each participant will drive a fully works-prepared rally car around the stage with the instructor who will teach the basic rally driving technique to suit the course surface.

Session 2 - In the second session you will be better adjusted to the car and be able to discover the traits of this incredible car, testing its level of over steer, grip, acceleration and braking whilst practicing your newly acquired skills.

Session 3 - The final session is about putting into practice everything you've learnt! You will have an understanding of the car and its limits (if there are any) as well as some new rally driving skills! Can you powerslide this fantastic car around the stages in your final flying lap?

All of our gift experiences are presented in an attractive red case with "Congratulations - you are the lucky recipient of a Well Wicked experience day" written on the front. You will also get a DVD featuring many of our experiences. Experience vouchers can be personalised if required.

Other Details

There are fixed pelter intercoms in the helmets, which means the instructors do not have to give any out of car tuition, enabling the pupils to enjoy among the most driving time of all rally schools. All tuition takes place in the car.

The participant sits behind the wheel and the instructor sits in the passenger seat which is fitted with dual brakes. They both have intercoms in their helmets which enables the instructor to teach the participant the necessary skills required. The experience is similar to a driving lesson, but much more fun!! You will be required to sign an activity form prior to participating on the experience. Drivers are divided into groups of 4 to share the same cars and instructor throughout the experience.

High speed passenger ride available for £25. Passenger rides can be booked direct with the venue in advance of your experience or can be booked on the day, however passenger rides booked on the day are subject to availability. Refreshments are unlimited and free for drivers.


It is the height/weight ratio which is important. For instance, a participant who is tall at 6ft 3” and of medium build for their height will fit in car. Also a participant who is small in height but of big build will also fit in car. A problem can arise when the participant is very tall (over 6ft 3”) and of big build. Participants need to be full licence holders. The length of time that the licence has been held for is not relevant. All full licence holders are covered under the insurance.


This Mitsubishi Super-Car Experience is available at the following 3 locations;

Tong, West Yorkshire - An incredible and authentic full forest stage, housing tight hairpin corners and rapid straights
Elvington, North Yorkshire - A fantastic venue, used for a multitude of motorsport events, consisting of a combination of endless tarmac and gravel stages
Fulbeck, North Lincolnshire - A WW2 airfield, consisting of long weathered tarmac sections, leading onto fast and open gravel areas


This is a half day activity. Please allow approx 3 and a half hours for this driving experience (morning or afternoon available).


Spectators are welcome with no limit on numbers, however they will need to make a small charge to cover unlimited refreshments which is £7 per spectator (free for drivers). Spectators can go on a high speed passenger ride for £25.

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