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Tank Paintball
Tank Paintball
Tank Paintball
Tank Paintball
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Tank Driving & Paintball

One of our best sellers! - Can't decide between a tank driving experience or a paintballing experience? Well, combine the two with this extremely popular Tank Paintball experience!

It may look like a 'mans' executive game but if you are a Mum, a housewife, a vicar, beauty technician or bored 16 year old, then this popular experience will blow away those cobwebs and give you a new lease of life. As part of a three-man tank crew you will take it in turns to negotiate a difficult and challenging course set in a World War II bombing range. Your chariot for this event will be a unique 17 tonne FV432 armoured personnel carrier, with specially modified cannons capable of firing 40mm paint rounds. Under the guidance of your on-board instructor you will get the opportunity to drive the tank, aim the cannon, load the breach and fire the air powered cannon.

To get you into your role as an artillery man (or woman!) you will be provided with all the gear you require (radio headsets, Kevlar helmets, tank suits and gloves). Once you are able to successfully operate the tank, the hatches are closed and you are then free to engage in full on armoured warfare against an opposing team using only your periscopes to guide you! And away you go!!!!!!!

All of our gift experiences are presented in an attractive red case with "Congratulations - you are the lucky recipient of a Well Wicked experience day" written on the front. You will also get a DVD featuring many of our experiences. Experience vouchers can be personalised if required.


You will spend approximately 2 hours on this activity however please expect to spend a little longer at the venue.

Price includes extrance into on site museum (participants only) so don't forget to allow a little extra time for this!


The Tank Paintball experience is near Lutterworth in Leicestershire.


This tank driving experience is available on weekends and selected weekdays, from April to end of October. Availability varies throughout the year depending on demand.


For individual bookings you will be put with other individuals to form a group of 3. The maximum height for participants is 1.93m (6ft 4"). The maximum weight is 139kg (22 stone). Please note that accessing the vehicles involves climbing into tight spaces. The minimum age is 16 years old. No driving licence is required.

Overalls and helmets are provided as required.


You are welcome to bring spectators to watch the tank paintballing battle but there is limited viewing in some places.

Please note, for a further £20 each two people can "sit" in the tank and be part of this amazing experience - only available if purchased with a minimum of 1 full priced participant. Passengers will not have active involvement with the driving, firing or loading.

Other Details

You do not require any qualifications to take part in this experience. For group bookings of more than 5 people please contact us via phone or email, so we can process your order to your requirements.

If you purchase this experience for a group (or more than one person) you will receive one gift pack with the relevant number of vouchers, i.e. 5 people - 5 vouchers. However, if you require more than one gift pack please contact us.


Review 18th July 2014
Sunday and still recovering! The day went well and all of the participants enjoyed the day. Nearly all had never heard of tank paintballing so that was a first, me finding something that the younger generation had not heard of! As you say it was Well Wicked. Some of the ones with me were asleep on the way home totally exhausted. Many thanks Caroline for all your help, will pass your details on to all that want a great day out. Thanked all of the staff at the venue and as an old soldier we made loads of friends with the instructors and were given the grand tour (lots of memories were recalled of days gone by). Once again a huge thanks. Don - Cambridge

Review 5th September 2014
We would just like to say the whole experience was ace! (as my son Arron put it), well good!!!! It really was a fantastic birthday idea, and we enjoyed the day too, (was a bit jealous though coz I wasn't driving the tank lol!!!), but would definitely recommend it, and will probably be booking for future birthdays. Thank you for a great time! Rob - West Yorkshire

Review 4th October 2014
My partner and brother had a really good time. They thought the staff were extremely friendly and the experience itself was amazing. Well worth the money. They would definatly recommend it to their friends. One of my partners friends is very interested and is thinking about organising a day for all of them to take part. You were also very friendly and responded quickly. Very pleased and had a wonderful time. Thank you very much. Aimee - Suffolk

Review 14th March 2015
Just wanted to say thanks for sorting out my booking at the thirteenth hour. We had a "well wicked" time. My brother enjoyed the birthday treat and now believes he is the UK's version to Rambo. Even my Mum enjoyed the tank driving and that was mostly due to our instructor Chris AKA "Foggy" having the patience of a saint with all her questions! So Mothers Day was also taken care of nicely! We are now looking forward to seeing all the pics of the day on DVD. Once again, thanks for all your help .... and please pass on our thanks to all the staff at the venue, especially Foggy, who made it a great day out! Regards. Fleur - London

Review 28th March 2015
Exceptional experience day!! Fantastic venue, great staff, brilliant location. A great time had by all! Well Wickeds customer service is absolutely first class and I will definitely be in touch again - loved the good luck text the day before and the friendly email the day after to check all went to plan, such great service and, of course, fantastic experiences! Cannot recommend enough!!!! Experience was spot on!!! Many, many thanks, Danny - West Midlands

Review 2nd August 2015
The whole group loved the tank driving experience, it was the perfect way to spend the stag do. Would highly recommend and even thinking of taking my son back there for another cheeky go! Regards, Paul - Colchester

Review 6th September 2015
I would like to say that Bonnie and Andy both had an amazing experience the smiles on there faces was a picture and worth every penny.

Would like to thank-you and the experience team for a fantastic day. Mark - East Sussex

Click below to watch a video of this experience!

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