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The Predators Tour for up to 4 People

The Predators Tour for up to 4 People
The Predators Tour for up to 4 People
The Predators Tour for up to 4 People
The Predators Tour for up to 4 People
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Zoo Tour

The Predators Tour for up to 4 People is an amazing zoo experience in which you will join the trained staff on an interesting tour taking in some of the worlds most revered predators including wolves, reptiles, birds of prey and big cats. This is the animal gift experience for you if you want to have an "all round" view of one of Britain's leading wildlife parks.

Your day will start in the Discovery Centre where you will be given complimentary refreshments. One of the parks trained staff will meet you and give you a health and safety briefing about some of the animals you will be meeting.

You will then leave to go on your tour where you will meet birds of prey, reptiles and insects. You will then continue on with your guide who will escort you on the tour and will ensure you get up close to some of the most amazing predators including the wolves, lions and tigers.

During your tour of the Animal Park you will receive special access to some of the animals by going inside stand off barriers and entering enclosures.

Your tour will conclude with private access to the public "Feed The Big Cats" session. (Please note, you will not actually get to fed a big cat yourself).

The package includes welcome drinks and complimentary lunch in Safari Sams or afternoon tea in the Tumble Jungle depending on when your tour concludes. This experience is for up to four people and admission into this amazing zoo is included therefore you can arrive early and stay late to enjoy the many other attractions and animals. 

All of our gift experiences are presented in an attractive red case with "Congratulations - you are the lucky recipient of a Well Wicked experience day" written on the front. You will also get a DVD featuring many of our experiences. Experience vouchers can be personalised if required.


The Predators Tour for up to 4 People lasts approx 90 minutes but you are free to spend the whole day at this amazing zoo.




This tour is available daily throughout the year with the exception of Christmas Day. Experience starts at 3.30pm im the summer and 2.30pm in the winter.


Minimum child age is 10 years old. If you are bringing children on this animal experience please let us know in advance as we will make sure the zoo is aware so they can tailor the experience to the age of the participants.

Other Details

Welcome refreshments and lunch OR afternoon tea is included. The price includes admission into the zoo for participants. Please note, reduced rate for additional guests to take part in this experience. Only available if purchased with a minimum of 1 full price Predators Tour. Not available on it's own.

Disabled Access/Facilities

There is wheelchair access to the majority of the route. Can be modified to suit needs.

The zoo itself is well equipped for people using wheelchairs. There are disabled parking bays near to the entrance. Most of the site is on level ground with tarmac pathways in most areas. There are right and left hand transfer toilets in the main car park and wheelchair accessible toilets on the main restaurant and on the Animal Park. The zoo also has wheelchairs for hire. There is also a special needs playground with a wheelchair swing, swings with harnesses and rockers. The whole area has a soft crumb play surface.

Most of our animal experiences are suitable for wheelchairs but please let us know in advance if you are a wheelchair user.


Review 26th June 2010
Well we are back and what can i say we had a fanbloodytastic time. The weekend was a success beyond what i ever could of thought of. The B & B was great. Mrs Bracey and her family were so inviting it was kinda like staying at me mums. The day at Golf was awesome we finished just in time before the storm rolled in and the heavens opened.

As for the Predators Tour what can i say? Brian and Jenny who were with us most of the time were awesome!!!! They knew so much about the animals the zoo it was scary and it wasn't just the animals we saw even told us tit bits about other animals around the park.

We first went to the Bird section met a Big European Eagle Owl named Stella. Owls are a favourite of mine. We got to stroke her, see her wingspan and learn lots about her. We met Liz who was in charge of birds and saw baby stork being hand reared and trained. We then got to fly and feed a barn owl called Misty. This was just so cool i love barn owls.

We went on to the Wolves where we got right up close and with the fence the other side due to the terriotory that they have in thier cage but we stroked the wolf, she acted like a big dog she just rolled on her back.

Then it was off to the reptiles where Mark got to hold a 15ft python and see all it's babies all 24 of them. Brian also took us behind the scenes to see where they keep some animals found or donated to see they are ok and get used to new surroundings/cages etc.

Off to the Big cats where we fed a Snow leopard called Aaron. This was truely amazing and was the best thing on the tour. It was something i was not expecting to do and was awesome. We then went into the Jaguar cage saw how they move them into different sections etc and place their food for them to find. We then watched them get released and get their dinner.

We met different keepers all who were so nice, full of so much information and made you feel so welcome. But Brian and Jenny were so brilliant and friendly they were a real credit to the zoo and the tour.

This was one fantastic awesome amazing cool wicked tour and i would highly recommend it to anyone who wants the have a chance to have a varied selection of animals to see. The whole thing was done in 2 hours and i didn't feel we were rushed or pushed throught it at all. Nor did i feel bored or tired of hearing what jenny and brian had to say cos some of the stuff was things i had never known about the animals before.

Attached are a few pics for you. I have no problem if you want to use any of them to advertise the tour or any of the comments i have made.

You have been more then helpful with what you have done in sorting this for me and i will be recommending your company and this tour to anyone who wants something different as a special gift for an occassion. I can't thank you enough for helping me out.

With regards to service from you I cannot fault it. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty and deserve a bonus for all this so please pass this on to your boss as I hope you get something for all your hard work and efforts with my booking.

Well I have prattled on enough, Again thank you so much for all your help. Simone - Suffolk.

Review 24th July 2010
What a wonderful experience! Had to endure thunderstorms and the M25 to get there but it was absolutely worth it.

We arrived in time to have lunch and then had plenty of time to go round the zoo before our tour. Despite some heavy rain there is plenty you can see under cover so it really was not a problem. There is a lot to see and do but the layout is nicely compact so very suitable for anyone with limited mobility (also very wheelchair friendly). We had a great time looking around (the Meerkats are gorgeous!) and then it was time for the tour...and the sun came out as well!

The staff were excellent - very professional and organised. Jenny who took us on our tour was absolutely brilliant. Her knowledge and enthusiasm just made the whole thing memorable. First we went to the Birds of Prey where we flew a European Eagle Owl called Stella - an unbelievable experience. Liz who looked after us with the birds of prey was also a real credit to the zoo - full of information and really took time to make sure we got the best from our experience and I would like the zoo to know we were also very impressed with her. Onto the wolves who were nice, and then the snakes. Previously I have not been a snake fan (although my husband loves them) but I am now a convert, mainly due to Brian's enthusiasm and knowledge. Not only did we end up holding a 15ft python but I actually enjoyed it!

We finished up with the big cats, which is Jenny's speciality. They are amazing animals and the highlight for both of us was feeding Aaron the snow leopard. We finished up watching the feeding of the white lion cubs - very high cute factor!

For anyone who loves wild animals this is a must do. The tour was supposed to last approximately 90 minutes but ours was nearer two hours as we were allowed to go at our own pace and take time to really enjoy the experience. Special mention must go to our guide Jenny who was just fantastic and took lots of photos for us so we could focus on the animals.

I must also thank your staff for not only arranging everything so efficiently but also making sure that the zoo were aware of the slight restrictions we have in mobility and making sure we could fully participate in the experience. Your friendly follow-up before and after the event made it feel really personal and that we were not just another nameless customer.

To anyone considering this experience I can only say you will love it. Lorna - Wiltshire.

Review 31st June 2011
I was going to email to thank you for a wonderful birthday present for my husband. We had a fabulous time: the zoo keeper, Jenny, was friendly and extremely well-informed, and made the day both enjoyable and interesting. The Wildlife Park itself was very well run and beautifully kept, and the animals sensitively cared for.

We enjoyed every part of the Predators Tour - 'flying' and feeding the birds of prey, entering the wolves' lair (behind a special meshed gate of course!), feeding the snow leopard and a magnificent tiger - wow!, and playing with a boa constrictor!! Pam - North London

Review 30th July 2011
Well, it was one of the best days we've ever had! We both really enjoyed it from start to finish. All the staff there were very helpful and answered every question we had. The experience itself (which was done by Liz) was just amazing. I can't put into words how good it was! It was so much more than we expected. I don't think you can improve it in any way. Liz was on hand to tell us all about the animals, every question we had she answered perfectly. We flew an owl, held a snake, met the wolves and fed the white lions, it's something we never thought we'd get to do. We're already looking at other experiences we can do, we can't wait to go back again!

Thank you so much for doing this experience. Katy - Birmingham

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