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5 great ideas for the May Bank Holiday

28 April 2014

5 great ideas for the May Bank Holiday

May Bank Holiday 2014 is coming up and with the kids off school you can really make the most of
the time and treat the whole family. You could use the bank holiday to do that niggling bit of DIY
you’ve been meaning to do for ages or you could have a fantastic day out with the family and make it
a really memorable little break. Here we’ve compiled a list of our favourite treats which we think the
whole family will enjoy.

For the Animal Lovers
Every household has that one member who is more interested in the wellbeing of their pets than they
are the rest of the family. The MAGIC Tour is a fantastic zoo experience which the animal lover in
the family will love. Not only will you all get entry into the wonderful zoo in Hertfordshire, but you
will also get exclusive behind the scenes access where you can meet, feed and cuddle an assortment of
out of the ordinary animal friends.

For the Competitive Family
For the family with a competitive edge, with the Dad who likes to ensure that he wins every possible
game, whether that be a friendly kick around or Christmas charades, we have a great opportunity for
the kids to challenge him. You can try Go Karting in a variety of locations and the whole family can
compete for the top prize – beating Dad!

For the Secret Agents
James Bond has captivated families for years and what better way to spend the bank holiday than by
jumping on the fastest RIB boat in London and reliving James Bond’s escapades on the Thames.
Traveling at top speeds, weaving in and out of boats and zooming past Canary Wharf, MI5 and MI6,
you’ll all come away humming the Bond theme tune.

For the Dare Devils
Kids can make a game from anything, from playacting as their favourite spy to spinning around on the
spot for as long as possible. Well, we can help your kids take the latter to the next level with a variety
of Zorbing activities. Put your children into an inflatable hamster ball at the top of a hill and watch as
they hurtle to the bottom. Parents and children alike will be unable to hold back their glee watching
family members screaming all the way down.

For the High Flyers
London is a tall city and it can sometimes feel overwhelming walking around amongst the hustle and
bustle of the crowded streets. One way to overcome that is by jumping into a helicopter and rising
above even the tallest buildings. Fly over the all of London’s fantastic landmarks and take in panoramic views like never before for an experience the whole family will enjoy.
With possibilities like these there is absolutely no reason why May Bank Holiday can’t be a memorable and entertaining break for all the family. The May Bank Holiday should be focussed on getting together and having fun so there is no reason not to treat everyone to an experience they will never forget.

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