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5 Tips for choosing the right Valentine's Day Gift

04 February 2014
Love is in the air

5 Tips for choosing the right Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions that, love it or hate it, if you’re in a relationship it probably goes in your favour if you choose to celebrate it. Make it a celebration of your relationship, the time you’ve spent with that special someone and make it unique and special to you. That way it will feel less like a Hallmark holiday and more like something specifically for you and your lover. Below are five tips for helping ensure you choose the right gift your special someone.

1. Don’t forget
Playing down the importance of Valentine’s Day or forgetting altogether just won’t cut it. You need to do something, however little, simply to acknowledge the occasion. A gentle stroll around the park or your partner’s favourite flowers could be enough to ensure it’s done and dusted if it’s not really your thing.

2. Think about them
It’s very easy to arrange a fantastic Valentine’s Day experience, even including the gift, and make it all about yourself. Have a think about whether your partner really wanted to spend Valentine’s Day in the stands at your local stadium. If you plan a night out, plan it for the both of you – think about what they love best. Perhaps a short theatre break or a day at the races. Think beyond what you’d enjoy and think about what could be fun together. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of musical theatre it’s worth it if you see your significant other having a wonderful time.

3. Be Romantic
There is the risk of going all out from a practical perspective and falling flat on your face when it comes to gifts. Just because there have been moans about needing a new hoover does not mean that this should be a Valentine’s Day gift. Shift the practical from your mind and think about romance and enjoyment. Pick something you know they’ll appreciate for the pure pleasure of it and you’ll be surprised how much more of a positive response you get.

4. Be Creative
If budget isn’t on your side then turn to your creative side. Something homemade and personal can be loved just as much, if not more, than a lavish gift from the department store. Handmade gift certificates are a cute and fun way of offering up a service, such as “One complimentary Breakfast in Bed” or “Your favourite foot massage”. Alternatively create a special playlist and organise a romantic night in – complete with home-cooked dinner.

5. Be Memorable
Can you remember what you got last Valentine’s Day? Chances are its long forgotten as many material gifts are. Instead of blowing your cash on a posh gift, why not invest in an experience? Make memories to keep for a life time. London experience days are one way of romancing that special someone in a way they’ll never forget. Enjoy a thrilling Canary Wharf Boat Trip and see the sights of the city or consider a luxurious Afternoon Tea on Park Lane at the Marriot. These are just a couple of suggestions and you can be sure there’s a special experience day for everyone to make their Valentine’s Day wonderful.


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