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Experience Days

11 November 2010
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Experience days, also know as experiential days are period of time spent by the recipient doing an activity or pastime that is enjoyable to them. This can vary massively from person to person, and a particular experience gift is usually chosen by the purchaser depending on the likes of the recipient. It would be rediculous to present a Ferrari driving experience or off road driving experience to a person that doesn't drive or to buy a white knuckle white water rafting experience or bungee jump for a person that hates adrenaline or dare devil experiences and would much prefer a relaxing spa day, a floatation thereapy experience or maybe an afternoon tea experience!

Well Wicked experience days cater for every different need and we are confident that there is something on our website that will suit everyone. Get a speed demon a high speed driving experience or be shown how it is really done by the professionals with a passenger ride. Treat a lover of heights to a skydive or bungee jump. Treat a lady that likes to be pampered to a spa day or a hotel break. Want to buy an experience day for a lover of fine wine and food? Try one of our wine tasting experiences or gourmet cooking courses. Or got an animal lover you want to buy an experience gift for? Check our animal experience days including our big cat feeding experiences or how about meeting the meerkats!!

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