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Father's Day

11 June 2014

Well Wicked Stuff - Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and rather than leaving it until the last minute and nipping to the shops for that shirt he’s wanted for a while or a selection of craft beers, why not treat him to something that he will really treasure – some quality time with his beloved offspring! Well Wicked Stuff have an array of fantastic days out that will make his day – and here are our top picks.

Dads and Lads Tank Driving Experience
Some dads love all things mechanical and what better piece of engineering is there than an armoured tank. Let dad take the controls of the legendary British FV432 tank as he commands his team of loyal followers in a 17 tonne machine of solid steel. After getting to grips with the controls he’ll be able to test his aim with a 40mm paintball canon!

Theatre and Afternoon Tea package
Tanks aren’t for everyone, and some dads would prefer a slightly more civilised affair. At Well Wicked Stuff we can provide a fantastic afternoon tea dining with 2 tickets to the theatre. Dine at a Central London restaurant, and take your pick from a selection of shows, including the remake of Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps and the tear-jerking Blood Brothers.

Animal Experiences
For the animal lovers Well Wicked Stuff offers plenty of days out that they will love. If your dad’s a bit of a twitcher you can take him to spend the day with a selection of fascinating birds of prey and exotic birds. If birds aren’t his thing but he does like to have a little flutter every now and again you could take him horse racing for the day at a number of racecourses around the UK. Or, if your dad has been stuck in the office lately and feels he’s more suited to the country life at heart, you could test his skills with a fantastic sheepdog experience. Learn to communicate with a professional sheepdog and herd sheep around an obstacle course - if he’s successful he’ll get a certificate to commend his talents!

Play Golf Like a Pro
Although some dads may consider themselves to be a pro golfer their ability on the course indicates otherwise. Why not treat your dad to a lesson from a PGA golf professional at a variety of championship courses. You will get some driving range tokens to solidify all that you’ve learnt during your lesson, as well as a light lunch before taking on the full 18 holes on the course.

If your dad sees himself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie (or you want to watch him squeal!) you could take him zorbing. Watch as your dad gets strapped into a giant inflatable hamster ball and hurtles down a 130 metre hill.

As you can see, there really is no excuse to add to dad’s tie collection this Father’s Day. Let your dad know how much he means to you by treating him to a day out he will remember for years to come.

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