We all know that Christmas can be a stressful time of year – besides having to think about the palaver that Christmas dinner can bring, there’s also the need to buy everyone a present. It’s easy to just go for the obvious option every year: a new tie for Dad; some perfume for Mum, and whatever you can find in the bargain bucket for your siblings.

However, why don’t you break the mould this Christmas and treat your loved ones to an alternative gift idea this year without going over budget.

Up to £30

Got a family member who anxiously waits for that owl to fly in with their invitation letter from Hogwarts? Well, while that might not be a feasible present you can get them a fantastic tour of London and visit the various locations used in the Harry Potter films.

Some people love nothing better after a hard day’s work than kicking back on the sofa with a glass of fine wine in front of the TV. You can treat a loved one to a day learning about the whole process from grape to glass.

Up to £55

Want to give your brother or sister an experience that they’ll never forget? Well, why not push them down a hill in a giant hamster ball? Not only will they have an exhilarating time, but there’s space for two so you can get involved too!

If your family would like something a bit more chilled then you should look into giving them one of the most incredible means of stress relief around. Floatation therapy, also known as a sensory deprivation tank, opens up the mind and acts a fantastic method of relaxation.

Up to £90

If you really want to treat a loved one to a relaxing day out, then give them a day out at a top spa around the country. They’ll be pampered by professional therapists and you’ll even be able to make the most of the gym, pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.

For £79 you can get into a Subaru WRX STi or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, learn all the basic rally driving techniques, and test your bottle on a special rally stage surface. This is the ideal gift for anyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes to be a race car driver!

Over £100

What better gift is there for your loved one than a romantic Hot Air Balloon flight over the wonderful English countryside? You’ll be given a champagne starter as you experience the peaceful serenity that can only be experienced from a balloon ride.

However, if your loved one is a bit of an adrenaline junkie then why don’t you treat them to a skydive. You’ll be with an experienced professional who’ll ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re hurtling towards the ground at around 110mph.

So, this year there’s no need to buy the same old gifts for your family when you can treat them to an unforgettable experience they’ll never forget!