Halloween games

One of the most special super animations parties is Halloween. If we like mystery and terror, this is the best option for your party. You will have the best activities and games that will awaken your imagination and at the same time, get your hair on end. Here you can see various make-up we do: make-up for Halloween. Some of the Halloween games for children that are at your disposal to make your Halloween party night of terror is the following:

  • Kids have a lot of fun on Halloween, such a scary night; some of the choices they have are:
  • Search for spirits: the children go to the cemetery or only in their homes, they lock themselves in their rooms, and in groups they play pronouncing things, calling the spirits of the dead.
  • Parties in a house: they celebrate by having parties in their homes with all kinds of distractions, in which parents and grandparents can participate, which tells the old children scary legends.
  • House of terror: or “the House of horrors”; in this case, the little ones enter a house of terror created by the parents to have fun with their children with their friends, with monsters hanging out, mannequins, jumping things, disgusting plastic viscera and sometimes with the idea that apart from you getting a good scare, you collect points and take a prize (toys or sweets).
  1. To break the ice and put us in a position as well as meet everyone and all the participants, we’ll play the ghost guessing game. The game is to choose a participant who must leave the room. The animator or animator must disguise another or another ghost participant, covering him with a white sheet. The rest of the boys or girls will have to hide in the room. When the first child returns to the office, he or she must guess who is hiding behind the white blankets. The hidden boy or girl can make sounds to give clues to the person who has to guess who he is. Do you dare to find out?
  2. The innovation of Halloween games is that of naughty witches. The cheerleader must hide some witches before meeting with the boys and girls. These witches will contain drawings that will form a terrifying Halloween story. The boys and girls will have to find all the witches who have hidden and form history between them all. Later the account will be told with the lights off and a flashlight to put us in a position if you are brave. This game may have variants such as building words related to Halloween or a children’s modification where images will be put on the same witches, and you will have to find three similar images. You can perform the same Halloween game but with additional steps. Once the terrifying story has been told, there will be a contest of horror stories where the story he receives the most screams will be the winner. Dare to scare all your friends and friends and win the terrifying story Award.
  3. The most daring Game of Halloween night presents you below Super animations with the name of suckers. The animator or cheerleader will prepare a jejune that will contain gelatin, yogurt, or flour dough. Inside this will put small objects that will have a particular shape. By groups of three or four people, they will have to identify blindfolded objects they are touching. Are you sure you’re in?
  4. If you want to be the terrifying boy or girl at the party, you will have to do the mask workshop that Super animations offer you. Different options will be provided for the boy or the girl to choose the one she likes best; examples of these could be masks of monsters, vampires or vampires, mummies, zombies, they and they will color the cover I will decorate it to their liking. Then the rubber bands will be placed to keep the masks tight and you can scare all your friends.
  5. If you like mummies, this is the game you were looking for. Divide the participants into two teams. The animator or cheerleader will select one member of each team to be placed in the center of the space. This will be a relay race where you will have to take a roll of toilet paper and wrap the person in your own team. The next participant must unroll it without the paper breaking. The next one should roll it up and so on. The winning team is the one that forms the most terrifying and real mummy of both.
  6. A game so that all the boys and girls participating in the party know which characters are best known on Halloween is that of scary roles. The animator or animator will create roles with the names of scary characters of these dates. Each boy or girl will have a role just attached to her forehead. Each child must give clues so they can guess the character. The game may vary depending on the ages of the boys or girls.
  7. To practice your aim, I also have a great time you must participate in the game of the jumping pumpkin. Containers (some larger than others) that simulate a Halloween pumpkin will be chosen. Depending on the size of the mouth of the bottle and the difficulty, the points will be more or less. Boys and girls in order should shoot into the mouth of the pumpkin to earn their spots. This element can’t miss your Halloween party.