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10 August 2013

The Best Outdoor Experience Days

With summer making a long awaited appearance we plan to make the most of the sunny days whilst they’re here – and we have some of the best outdoor experiences in the country that will make summer memorable for you, your friends and your family; so let’s play while the sun shines!

First of all is an adventure we’ve all dreamed of; those clear skies will give you spectacular views for miles around from the basket of one of our hot air balloon experience days – a thrilling combination of exhilarating heights and quiet serenity as you float above the Great British countryside. Available from a number of launch locations you can toast the summer with champagne as you drift through the sky.
If you’re not all that keen on flying high then an experience you’ll never forget, but which thrills just as much from ground level – or even water level - is the zorbing experience that lets you try both harness and water zorbing; perfect for thrill seekers who want to try it all! Reaching speeds of up to 30mph your harness zorbing experience sees you rolling down the Surrey hillside before you and a partner splash around together for your aqua zorbing experience – which will you prefer?

Another thrill seekers’ must try is, of course, the bungee jump; with mobile crane locations across the UK and year round availability this doesn’t need to be a summer only experience – but the view from the top on a clear day is well worth the climb, and nothing beats the rush of the dive into the clear sky below! Certainly not for the faint hearted, this is a great way to add some thrills to a day in the sun.
For those who are looking for an equally memorable day out with less adrenaline why not take a walk on the wild side and try your hand feeding Colchester Zoo’s giraffes? With supervision and guidance from experienced zookeepers you can go behind the scenes at the Kingdom of the Wild enclosure and hand feed the three resident giraffes – an experience you’ll truly never forget.

For those with families wanting to create some magical memories through the summer holidays why not take a trip to England’s capital and enjoy the Harry Potter London walk, taking in locations from the unforgettable scenes in the books and films. From platform 9 ¾ to the Ministry of Magic your two and a half hour walk will follow the routes Harry and his pals took to find their way from adventure to battle, from mystery to safety. With a boat tour to catch some of the highlights from the Thames and information about the filming, as well as the fascinating history of Muggle London, this is an unforgettable way to explore London as a family.

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