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20 June 2014

Well Wicked Stuff – Fantastic Summer Days Out

Summer is well and truly upon us – it’s time to pull out that dodgy Hawaiian shirt from the back of your wardrobe, slip on your flip flops and coat yourself in sun cream. There is no better time to get out and about and make the most of the wonderful outdoors. Here are our top tips for making the most of your summer this year.

How do you fancy strapping a parachute onto your back and jumping out of an airplane 4,000 meters above the ground? You will hurtle towards the ground at around 130mph for 30 seconds before your parachute will be deployed and you will float gently to the ground - this one is just for the daredevils out there.

For those looking for a more luxurious day out, you could indulge in a high speed Sunseeker experience. An experienced skipper and crew will cruise you around the beautiful Solent while you kick back and admire the sights. Though, don’t get yourself too comfy as the skipper can put the pedal to the metal and pick up speeds of up to 39 knots.

Tree Top Adventure
Get fitted with a harness, climb into the tree tops and navigate a series of tricky obstacles 50ft high in the trees. Guide yourself around balance beams, rope bridges and zip wires. After getting yourself over the series of hurdles you’ll get to have a chance on the exhilarating Powerfan Parachute simulator. You’ll jump out of the trees and fall gradually down to the ground as the Powerfan softens your fall.

Ever wanted to harness the power of the wind and the water as you glide over the sea? Take a one day Kitesurfing course in a dedicated area, well away from swimmers and crowds. Learn all the basics of kite control and safety, how to set up your equipment, and launching and landing. A truly exhilarating skill – you’ll want to buy your own gear straight afterwards!

Horse Racing
Horse Racing is a typically British affair that is best enjoyed during a lovely summer’s day. Why not make the most of this day out and treat yourself to exclusive access to the Premier/Club/Members areas at a number of racecourses around Britain. Dress up for the occasion and have an extravagant day out at the horses.

Make the most of your holidays this, pack a picnic, and enjoy the weather – while you can!

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