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Unusual first date ideas

09 April 2013
Hot Air Balloon Flight Exclusively For Two

Unusual first date ideas

 Gift experiences are not just to give to a loved one for their Birthday or at Christmas. There are plenty of things that you can use an experience day for; including some pretty exciting and unusual first dates. Perhaps the girl of your dreams has already agreed to go on a date with you and you want to ensure it is one day to remember! Maybe the man in your sights needs a bit of persuasion and you want something that he won't be able to say no to! Cancel the reservations at your local Italian chain restaurant, put down the cinema tickets and take a look at some of these unusual first date ideas instead.

 Hot Air Ballooning

 Nothing quite says romance than a trip on a hot air balloon! Imagine the two of you floating high in the sky with the stunning view beneath you and a champagne toast to celebrate. There is a heady mix of adrenaline and peaceful serenity when it comes to hot air ballooning, which adds to the whole experience. You'll both feel as though your hearts and heads are up in the clouds and won't be sure whether it's due to the hot air balloon or the romantic connection between you! Just make sure your date isn't petrified of heights before suggesting this or you may find yourself requesting a balloon ride for one.

 Adrenaline rush

 If you want to ensure both of your hearts are beating fast, then it may be worth looking at some adrenaline gift experiences for your first date. Depending on how daring you (and your potential date) are there are a whole range of different ideas to tickle your fancy. Zorbing is a great way of impressing your first date and showing that you're not that bothered about messing your hair up. If you want to get up close and personal then perhaps the lovers leap jump is more your kind of thing. A tandem bungee jump that requires you to be strapped to your date before taking the plunge from the 160ft high platform. The feeling you get from adrenaline boosting activities like this is similar to the rush of hormones you feel when you fall in love... Aw!

Trip to the theatre

 If the thought of flying or launching yourself off of a platform isn't really appealing then you may be looking for a gift experience that is a bit more relaxed. Many first dates tend to end up in the 'usual' restaurant and a trip to the cinema, but that's all pretty boring. Instead of a cinema trip and dinner, what about a theatre trip and afternoon tea? Those who want to show off their fine taste will find this to be a much more upmarket (and much more fun) version of the old classic. Treat yourselves to a posh afternoon tea with sandwiches, cakes and scones before heading off to the theatre. There are plenty of impressive shows to see such as Thriller and Blood Brothers. Or if you really want them to snuggle up close then check out The Woman in Black for some hair raising moments!

 Watch the dolphins

 Unless you have an absolute fortune to spend on your first date then it is unlikely you are going to both be swimming with dolphins in the Maldives. Luckily for you, there is one gift experience that makes for a beautiful first date and doesn't cost two month's salary. You can go on a dolphin watching boat trip together to see these stunning marine animals playing against the beautiful Scottish coastline. If you're not a fan of the sea, or don't want to be seasick in front of your date, then there are a whole host of animal gift experiences that you could opt for instead. Meet the cute and fluffy meerkats or enjoy a champagne breakfast with the snow leopards.

 These unusual first date ideas are experiences you certainly won't forget in a hurry! Plus if all goes well then you'll both have fantastic stories to tell the children of your 'Well Wicked' first date.

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