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Wine Tasting Experiences

02 February 2011
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The only way to learn more about wine is to drink more of it! Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Of course, books and specialist magazines are great ways of getting the latest information on producers, vintages and new releases, but there is no substitute for opening a bottle and getting stuck in!

It can be a little lonely to do this alone, so if you are keen to know more, I suggest corralling some friends to join you. You can encourage each of them to bring a bottle to be served blind to the others and then discussed. Even better, go on a well-established wine course with fully experienced guides and tutors.

The hugely successful One Day Wine Tasting Workshops ( http://www.wellwickedstuff.com/wine-tasting.asp ) are great days out learning about wine in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Suitable for everyone from the complete novice through to the budding wine enthusiast! It will certainly give you the taste for more!

Most of our courses include a three course gourmet lunch with a different wine served with each course to show food and wine matching and explain how different wines can compliment certain foods.

These fun and interactive courses are highly recommended by our customers and perfect for anyone that loves wine!

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