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Zorbing Takes Off!

19 August 2010
Zorbing Offer Photo
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Zorbing, Orbing or Sphereing or whatever you call it is taking off! Brought over from the crazy adult extreme sports capital of the world New Zealand, Zorbing is proving an ever popular experience day in the UK. So what is Zorbing and why are so many people queuing up to do Zorbing?

Well Zorbing was invented by Andrew Akers & Dwane van der Sluis in 1994 when they did the first roll down the slopes of Auckland. Since then this has spread into a worldwide phenomenon. To ‘Zorb’ basically means rolling yourself down a hill in a sphere or ball. Zorb’s are made of inflatable plastic much like an inflatable Lilo but slightly more advanced.

There are different types of Zorbing available. Harness Zorbing being strapped into the Zorb either on your own or in tandem.  Aqua Zorbing as the name suggests is with water inside. Effectively simulating a washing machine! There are also Zorbing across water and even snow.

Much like rolling down a grassy hill when you are young Zorbing provides smiles and a real extreme adrenaline rush.

So why not give Zorbing a go for yourself and find out firsthand what all the fuss is about!

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