Halloween Video Games

Tonight is Halloween, and I need to pass something scary. So we bring you several horror video games for Halloween.

Today is a night when we have to be afraid (or at least try). A night from which its history goes back centuries, and which can be traced back to Celtic Samhain. A night when various monsters and real and fake ghosts roam the streets looking for a trick or treat.

Of course, we are talking about Halloween: the celebration in which the streets are flooded with children asking for candy, people go out in disguise to the road and Starbucks is filled with pumpkin-made things. Today is an atypical Halloween, right on a Tuesday, but that hasn’t stopped many from celebrating it tonight.

And wherever you are, whatever your plans may be, we have the perfect cherry (or excellent idea) to spend some more fear. As the headline announces, Halloween horror video games can be the ideal excuse to spend more fear. And today, we bring you several of those games to finish being afraid. Or whenever you want, they don’t have an expiration date either.

  1. T. A.L. K. E. R.: Call of Pripyat

Considered by many to be the terrifying game of fear, this game is not pure terror. The saga S. T. A. L. K. E. R. is based on exploring on your own, and you unravel the mystery terrifying for yourself. Not to mention having to go through the tunnels. A real place made fiction. It is available on Windows only.

  1. Alien: Isolation

Nothing better for Halloween night than joining Amanda Ripley and finding a few answers. We all know the Alien saga, and the game Isolation does it justice. Of course, making us tremble with the possibility that aliens will haunt us down. The game is available on consoles and computers.

  1. Resident Evil 7

Talking about Resident Evil is talking about a classic in horror video games. They are available on consoles and computers, and the seventh installment in the last release. Yes, it is well worth touring the rest of the saga, if you stay with wanting more.

  1. Silent Hill 2

Another classic among the classics. The video game from Konami, more than satisfies the mission to scare us by taking us back to Silent Hill, three years after the death of the wife of James Sunderland. One of the terrifying stories ever told, available on computers and consoles.

  1. Alan Wake

Alan Wake doesn’t mean to make us tremble in fear, but he also gives us more than a scare. We’re a writer trapped in the dark, in a town where nothing is what it seems. And the best-or worse – is that it is we who dictate the future. You can find it on the Xbox and the computer.

  1. Until Dawn

What could happen badly when several young people are found in an isolated cabin on a mountain? Of course, someone’s trying to kill them. And it’ll scare us along the way. In this case, we are talking about an exclusive for PlayStation 4.

  1. Layers of Fear

We could say that Layers of Fear is an inspiration for what might have been P. T., and it wasn’t. Terror brought from Poland where we have to sail in a cursed mansion, at the hand of a character who is going crazy. Layers of Fear is available on consoles and computers.